T 10294 E - Label Printer HAPA 210 Flexographic 5 Colour

Offered on behalf of owners: Two Hapa H210 Flexographic 5 colour label printing machines.

The Hapa 210 is a narrow web printer designed for integration with conventional labelling machines to partially or fully print pre-cut self-adhesive labels in up to five colours at speeds up to 30 metres per minute.

Each printing unit is fitted with a sensor to monitor label edges so that highly accurate registration is maintained throughout. The machine is also available in an offline roll-to-roll version that can be used to supply a number of labelling machines.

A particular advantage of the Hapa 210 is that no special label stock is required: thanks to instantaneous UV curing of print, the system can print onto virtually any material – coated or uncoated paper, PVC and security labels. The unit is compact and easily accommodated on any packaging line.

Manufacturer: Hapa, Switzerland

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