W 12031 E - Disintegration Tester ERWEKA ZT 72

This modern unit is ideal for use in the laboratory, development or quality control for automated determination of disintegration time of each sample.

It is designed according to the valid Pharmacopoeia USP, BP, EUR and DAB for testing disintegration time of tablets, coated tablets, oblongs & capsules.

The determination of the disintegration time is performed by a ring magnet in the disintegration disc and a sensor under each test station. The ZT 70 series can also test samples which leave debris such as coating materials or gelatine leftovers by entering the remaining thickness in 0.1 mm steps. A routine for samples which require media (pH) change is integrated as standard.

Results and statistics can be shown on the large LCD or print out together with temperature, date, time and other product information.

Manufacturer: Erweka GmbH, Germany

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