X 9828 E - Liquid Pressure Vessel 310 L NOVINOX

This Vessel is manufactured from high-grade 316L Stainless Steel and has a capacity of 310 litres. The internal surface of the vessel is mirror polished to Ra 0,4 gr. 280.
Internal dia.: 600 mm - Depth: 900 mm deep (parallel portion).
Max internal Pressure: 1.5 bar
Max temperature 127 deg. C.

The vessel has a dished bottom with a centre bottom 22 mm dia. Sterivalve, which is totally drainable and suitable for CIP/SIP. The valve has a manual Activator and TWO 22 mm dia. Tri Clamp outlet connections.

Also mounted through the dished bottom is a Temperature probe/sensor which can be connected to a suitable display/recorder for product temperature monitoring or recording.


Manufacturer: Novinox, Italy

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