L 12694 D - Vial Capper BAUSCH + STRÖBEL KS 1020 for Alu Caps

This compactly built machine is designed to close Vials with Aluminium Caps. It is arranged for variable speed operation and has a maximum capacity of 6,000 items per hour.

The capping head of this machine has closing disks which form a thread onto the cap by following the thread on the bottleneck.

Technical Specifcation:
Vial diameter: min. 16 mm - max. 55 mm
Vial height: min. 35 mm - max. 310 mm

The machine is offered complete with the following format parts:
Vial Ø 22.5 mm x height 59 mm

Manufacturer: Bausch + Ströbel, Ilshofen / Germany

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