J 14639 D - Liquid Filler / Stopper Inserter / Capper GRONINGER DFVK4000 / KVK106 B

This machine is designed to fill and insert stoppers into vials and to spin aluminium caps. The manufacturer states a maximum output of 12,500 vials per hour, depending on product and fill volume.

The design parameters are as follows:

Max. fill volume: 100 ml
Max. vial diameter: 52 mm
Max. vial height: 180 mm
Max. stopper diameter: 32 mm
Max. cap diameter: 36 mm

Including formats for

Vials 2R - 6R/8R - 10R - 25R - 50H - 100H
Rubber stoppers
Aluminium caps Ø 13 mm and Ø 20 mm

Manufacturer: Groninger

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