U 14345 E - Ampoule Ring Coder BOSCH DRN 3010

This high-speed machine is design to mark ampoules with single or multiple ring codes.

It is useful for identifying trial batches or for adding colour codes to standard batches of Ampoules for identification purposes or to avoid intermixing of batches.

The machine has a capacity of 24,000 ampoules per hour and is offered complete with 5 sets of change parts to cover

1 ml: d=10.75mm, h=70mm
2 ml: d= 10.75mm, h=83mm
5 ml: d=14.75mm, h=95mm
10 ml: d=17.75mm, h=112mm
20 ml: d=22.50mm, h=126mm
(All according to DIN/ISO 9187-1)

Manufacturer: Bosch, Crailsheim - Germany

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