O 14723 E - Case Taper LITTLE DAVID LDU LEGEND with MICROJET HRP printer

This is a mobile, semi-automatic machine which can be used stand-alone or placed at the end of a packaging line to seal the top and/or bottom flaps of bulk cases with 50 mm (2) wide adhesive tape.

The machine can handle cases within the following size ranges: -
Length: Min. 114 mm - Max. 990 metres
Width: Min. 114 mm - Max. 559 mm
Height: Min. 64 mm - Max. 610 mm

This unit includes a Microjet HRP Thermal Ink Case Coder with operator terminal which allows printing of batch numbers and Auto Codes (time, date, sell by, julian date, rollover, time, count etc.) on to the closed cases as they pass through the machine

Manufacturer: Loveshaw Europe, England UK

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